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December 3 - Freedom Day | Black Friday Profit Donation | BirdCare Aotearoa | and more...

Freedom Day for the Auckland Region! It's here, and we cannot wait to see everyone out and about in the sun (can you tell we are Auckland based?). We are off to our favourite Pizzeria, Archies for lunch, and dinner plans, and James Bond (delayed from 2019)...

To everyone else around the country, thank you for supporting Auckland through this, as it has been a tough time for all and why we at Hout & Co have really been trying to focus on Mental Health in our mailers - but its all in the past now!

We have had a great morning, with our re-stock of a number of our favourite items coming in also, namely our Takapuna Fresh Pearl Range is back in stock, as well as our Cathedral Cove Hoops which are just perfect for an evening in the sun with friends.

November was our biggest month in terms of donations, on top of our Giving Back Initiative, we also decided to donate all profit from Black Friday to your charity of choice, to give our customers a socially responsible way to shop on Black Friday. This day alone tripled our donation to the Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand.

This week we have ran our monthly instagram poll to find our December charity, and you chose BirdCare Aotearoa. Based in Green Bay, Auckland, they provide professional veterinary care and rehabilitation for sick, injured, and orphaned wild birds who have been rescued by members of the public. They also provide education and training for professionals, volunteers and members of the public who want to learn how to make a positive difference in the lives of our feathered friends. Birds come to them from throughout Aotearoa and with your generous support, they give them a second chance at life.

Our recently launched Pōhutukawa Hoops are also our biggest seller for the month of November - which we are stoked about because we only launched them in mid November! They are a great summery option, and we cannot wait to see them out and about.

Recently we have been looking at ways to make our products more sustainable and our mailer bags came into the spotlight. As our valued customers know, we wrap your precious pieces in a re-usable pouch, surrounded by recycled paper and paper sticker, in our compostable bag. Our pink bags were fantastic, great at drawing attention and they were industrially compostable however our new bags are home compostable and take 180 days (conditions dependant) to decompose and use significantly less ink on the exterior of the bag also.

With Christmas coming up, and for Kiwi's across the country to see their Aucklanders again, please understand they have had a very strange time of it recently. It has been tough, it has been strange and it has taken a massive mental toll on people. The Mental Health Foundation have set up a page just for Aucklanders and how to help reintegrate into the community and understand the challenges people in your family have been facing. Even if they say they are okay, understand, please, it's been a tough road Auckland has taken.

Hope you are having a stunning week.

~The team at Hout & Co