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October 29 - Last Chance 20% off | Red Light, Green Light | Diwali

We don't know about you, but we are "enjoying" this Alert Red Light Three Auckland Orange Part of Waikato Not Christchurch Green slightly confusing situation we are all in!

We have suddenly become MASSIVE, Massive fans of picnics! So functional in the current enviroment!

Thank you all who have given us a fantastic start to Hout & Co, we have passed 1000 followers on Instagram, and are giving away a $250 Hout & Co voucher to a lucky winner.

Our Lockdown sale, which started when we began our short and sharp lockdown in August, is in its final week this week! Take the opportunity to think ahead, find an excuse to get a gift for your mother or daughter or a present to liven up your friends week next week.

Our new pieces this week are our Anchor Bay Chain (pictured above) and Bracelet, both a classical Anchor Link. These items are a little bigger than our other chains, allowing the addition of depth and some variety to your layering.

Two new items are coming to you next week are shown below - the Motuihe Chain we discussed in our last mailer, and a Cuban Chain, to add another statement, durable and perfect layering piece to your collection. As always, every Hout & Co order comes wrapped in enviromentally friendly packaging, with compostable mailer and reusable pouch. We are very proud to operate sustainably and this is one of our strong values. The UN are holding their Climate Change Conference in the first two weeks of November, and it is a good time to think about how each of us can reduce our impact. The easiest change we found was utilising the Soft Platic Recycling Scheme to reduce our plastic waste.

Very timely that in the middle of our "Traffic Light" framework being implimented, we have Halloween. Now, if you haven't seen Squid Game on Netflix... you need to. We cannot wait to play Red Light Green Light with Aunty Cindy next week. We can't wait to dress up in a tracksuit and see who is left standing?

With Diwali next week, its a really good opportunity (especially for Aucklanders who are running out of conversation topics outside of Lockdowns) to reach out to your Hindi friends. If you haven't read about Diwali before, it a Festival of Light signifying the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and renewal of life. Try branching out and making some Indian Sweets or at least do some reading online about this 2500 year old tradition.

In October, with our Giving Back Initiative, Hout & Co are donating to the Eating Disorder Association of New Zealand, a registered charity run by volunteers who all have personal experience in the process of recovery from an eating disorder - either as parents, caregivers or recovered patients. Their focus is on improving the outcomes for people with eating disorders and their families. Alongside their education and support work, they also advocate for social & governmental change. They are the only organization of their kind in New Zealand and they rely solely on donations and grants. This charity was selected by our followers on Instagram, and we are currently in the process of choosing Novembers Charity - head over now and tell us who you want us to support next month. For every piece sold, Hout & Co donate $1 to charity, and our customers have the option of adding a donation at checkout.

A gentle reminder of how tough it is at the moment, especially in Auckland. Do you want to reach out and call your friends or family you haven't spoken to in a few weeks? You never know when you will make someones day.

Hope you are having a stunning week.

~ The team at Hout & Co