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Top 5 Jewellery Trends in New Zealand for 2022



Looks like rose gold is starting to slowly disappear and make way for it’s more traditional predecessor. With that said, I did want to dig in to see what trends are recurring, what influencers out there seem to be wearing, what we’ve seen on our favourite TV shows or what you’ll start seeing more commonly at weddings. Here’s my breakdown of the top five jewellery trends for this year and the beginning of next.

  1. The Paperclip Chain 

A stylish take on the cable chain, the paperclip chain is actually a pretty new design and consists of elongated links that are oval and at the same time rectangular. You would’ve probably seen it everywhere recently, from Netflix’s success series You, all the way through to Selling Sunset. It’s super versatile and a great option for those of us who are a bit clumsier (like me!), simply because it’s not as delicate and doesn’t bend or break. It looks amazing paired with other pieces or worn on it’s own. Plus point for ours is also that it’s waterproof, so if you forget to take your jewellery of (or you’re a bit lazy… also like me) then it’s a great option. 


2. Pearls

Pearls have always been popular and I wouldn’t say they ever go out of style, but at the moment they’re a common appearance. Whether you’re looking at specific wedding jewellery or everyday wear, it seems we’re seeing pearls everywhere, and more specifically baroque pearls which stand out by their asymmetry and their glorious unusual lustre patterns. Gone are the days of pretty and perfect, we want more real, more natural and more mother nature in our lives. If there’s any piece of pearl jewellery we’d recommend, it would be the Minnehaha Huggies. 


3. Half pearl, half gold

Why have one, when you can have both? Delicate combinations or pearl and gold pieces, like half necklaces and bracelets are in style. I know there’s this saying about less is more… but sometimes more is more and it most definitely is for pearl and gold combinations. If you don’t like wearing too much jewellery, it’s also a great option for you as it’s a two in one combo. One of my personal favourites, we’ll be releasing some new styles very soon! 


4. Ear candy

One not to miss and one of my personal favourites, studs and huggies combos for those of us who have more than one piercing is a crowd pleaser. There’s something fun about the different layers and textures but also the comfort or not having to think about removing them when it’s bed time, or gym time or sexy time… There’s endless possibilities when it comes to ear candy and frankly, it’s effortless. 


5. Anklets

I remember one of my sisters, who has a newborn, telling me how she loves wearing her anklet because they’re the most child proof jewellery, that made me chuckle. But she’s not wrong! Anklets are making a huge comeback also and they’re a boho chic addition to any wardrobe plus the baby won’t pull it off you while you’re breast feeding - goals. Simple blue jeans, a white top, converse or a LBD and black heels with an anklet - simply a great pairing and a way to dress any outfit up.