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Your Houtsies, your discount.

Become a Houtsy, a part of our new loyalty program - a way of us saying thank you and we love you! 

As a Houtsy, you will now be able to earn Houtsies, when you shop with us that can be used as a discount at checkout. As Houtsy member you will also receive special surprises, free gifts and exclusive offers.


How do I become a Houtsy?

Joining is quick, easy, and free! Create your account by clicking Rewards in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

What do I get by becoming a Houtsy?

Besides our unconditional friendship, you’ll get 25 points instantly upon sign up. As you earn more, you’ll get eligible for exclusive perks such as special surprises, free gifts and exclusive offers.

How can I earn Houtsies to use for discounts?

  • Creating an account to earn 20 Houtsies
  • Earn 1 Houtsie per $1 spent
  • Follow us on Instagram to earn 30 Houtsies
  • Like us on Facebook to earn 20 Houtsies
  • Enter your birthday to earn 10 Houtsies

How can I use my Houtsies?

You can use your Houtsies to buy gift cards.

  • 100 Houtsies are a $10 gift card 
  • 200 Houtsies are a $20 gift card 
  • 300 Houtsies are a $32 gift card
  • 400 Houtsies are a $45 gift card

When can I use my Houtsies?

The Houtsies you earn after shopping with us are rewarded immediately order has been fulfilled. It's up to you when you'd like to use them, they are valid for 12 months from the day you earned them. We have no limit or minimum requests. 

How do I refer a friend? 

Easy. Just sign up/log in and start sharing your own personalized code with friends. They'll get $15 off their first purchase and you'll be rewarded with a gift card once they've made their purchase. We'll send you an email to let you know when we've credited your account.

What happens to my points if I return my order?

As a member, you earn Houtsies when you shop with us; these points are awarded directly upon purchase. If you choose to return your products, the points you earned will be deducted from your account.

You can review your Houtsy account here.  


If you have any more questions, send us a message on live chat 😘