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Our Story

Hi girl,

Have you always found jewellery too expensive or cannot find anything that lasts and it turns out to be a waste of money?

So did I. 

Before I moved to my adopted home in New Zealand, I grew up and thrived in Europe. Affordable, quality jewellery was commonplace and I struggled when I came to New Zealand to find something similar. I felt it was unfair that because of our physical location, we ended up having less options. 

In late 2019, an idea spawned about starting a boutique brand which focused on my key values - durability at an affordable price point, trustworthy and operating with integrity and sustainably. I got pieces established throughout 2020 and along with close friends and family, tested them in all conditions wearing them constantly from mid 2020 throughout summer. I asked trusted people because I wanted real feedback, real opinions from real people and the result is our Hout & Co pieces that I stand by. 

Hout & Co was formed in 2021 with the help of my partner and sold its first piece on July 2nd, 2021. Hout & Co was started off on our kitchen bench, working late nights while both working full-time and since then you have grown with us and trusted our pieces, growing rapidly month on month.

We only use sustainable products in all of our packaging and continuously work with our suppliers to reduce waste throughout our supply chain. We pride ourselves on integrity which is why we clearly display what our products are made from and have an education page so you know what to expect from each piece. 

I wanted to be able to do some good and give back to our communities so we established Hout & Co's giving back programme which donates $1 per piece sold to charity and allows voluntary extra donations at check out. Our choice of charity for each month is peer-driven through your suggestions and votes on our Instagram page. 

The availability of Hout & Co operating as an e-commerce business without a physical store, I felt the need to offer free shipping. It allows me to bring Hout & Co pieces to you, with our returns policy outlined here, to provide you with peace of mind if the piece isn't exact what you expected.

I enjoy staying connected with you through our Instagram page, where we're always available for a chat or if you have any questions. There's behind-the-scenes, some AMSR packing and reviews from our lovely customers.

Give Hout & Co a follow and help us choose our monthly charity, be at the front of the queue for pre-releases and new pieces we bring into our collection!

We appreciate your love & support. 

Marie-Claire x


Hout & Co team

 ^some of our team at our latest shoot, I'm in the flowery pants and my partner is on the right.