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At Hout & Co we embrace the innovative philosophy of the Triple Bottom Line.

The Triple Bottom Line philosophy allows Hout & Co to assess our performance against three bottom lines: environmental, social and economic.

We want to be environmentally & socially responsible - we are achieving this by preventing & reducing as much plastic as possible in our supply chain, choosing sustainable, compostable options in our packaging and reusable pouches & recycling the small amount of soft plastic Hout & Co inevitably ends up producing through the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme

From the development stage, Hout & Co have chosen long-lasting pieces, packaged in recycled paper and compostable courier bags, wrapping our reusable Hout & Co pouch. 

Hout & Co compostable bags are made from a blend of PBAT (polybutelene Andipate Terephthalate) & PLA (Polylactic Acid). Composting can reduce the volume of organic waste quite significantly, while the compost produced can be used for agricultural and horticultural purposes. In 2020, about 50% of all domestic waste across New Zealand comprised of organic material.

Our compostable courier bags meet the TŪV Austria "OK Home COMPOST" standard, meaning our bags are suitable for composting in the compost heap in your garden at home. Our bags compost at temperatures found in the normal home compost environment. Length of composting time may vary depending on the environment.

We are committed to operating a socially responsible, sustainable business by providing customers as much transparency as possible.